Our purpose...

...is to ensure the technology that serves you at home and in your business runs well and efficiently. 

Allow GTS to demonstrate how reliable technical support positively affects your peace of mind and productivity.

Whether you are using technology at home or in your business, you will benefit greatly from our tailored, affordable and user-friendly solutions.

Explore the menus at the left to browse the services we have to offer, then contact us and experience the difference we can make for you.


Why you should have GTS take care of your Information Technology needs...


  • because your job is to run your business and live your life; NOT to deal with malfunctioning technology.

  • because technology is there to serve you; NOT to cause you grief.

  • because having the right technology for the job can save you a great deal of time and money; NOT having the right technology will cause work-arounds, general inefficiency, and headache.

  • because there are so many products to choose from.  It is hard to know when it is worth spending a little more, and when it doesn't matter.


We offer multiple ways to give you a technical advantage.  Our flexible technical support will address your needs quickly and efficiently.  Our technical support involves the following:

  • On-site service where we come to you and take care of your technology needs.

  • Telephone and remote support, where we can access your computers using a secure internet connection and immediately address most day to day issues.

  • An online Help Desk ticket system that you can use to submit tickets and also monitor their process.

  • Pick up, repair, and delivery for items that would take hours to repair onsite, but that we can repair in our shop for a fraction of the cost.

  • Our phones are always open, you can even call on an evening or weekend, and there is no extra charge for this convenience.

  • Tutoring in how to use your technology or software, scheduled at your convenience.

How we are different from the other information technology providers you may have worked with in the past

  • We build a profile of your network, computers, and technology peripherals over time so that we are familiar with your business's set up and needs and are able to address issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Monthly billing and discounted retainers available.

  • Our goal is to create a business to business relationship with your company. In uncertain economic times we want to see our clients thrive, and we want technology to be an element that helps rather than hinders that progress. As our clients do well, we all build a more secure future.